President at Uprooted Platinum

Growing up in Southern California, Patrick has moved with his family numerous times throughout the country in sight of a better future. Over the years, his family's entrepreneurial mindset has taken him from coast to coast. Eventually landing in Southern New Jersey, Patrick's family purchased one of the oldest Wineries in the United States. Watching a business grow over the years, Patrick knew he was destined to become a business owner in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather. Patrick attended Monmouth University and after completing his Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing, he realized the working world of corporate America was not something he was ready to invest his life in. After graduating with his degree in December 2011, Patrick packed a bag and decided his life was better suited at the time to somewhere else in the world. He set off for a 3-month trip to the Middle East with hopes of experiencing something so much more than your typical internship or desk job. Realizing that the world is a very large place, Patrick extended his travels to a 2-year trip around the world. After stepping foot in over 20 countries and crossing boarders of over 38 states, Patrick was ready to come back to the New Jersey area to begin his career. Throughout his travels he had met many interesting people and volunteered at numerous orphanages around the world in countries such as Nepal, Indonesia, and Cambodia. To this day, he feels like the luckiest man in America for being able to experience everything that trip had to offer.

After traveling for 2 years around the world, he cut off all his hair and threw on a suit to try his family's past-time at being a business owner. Through our unique management training program, Patrick started at entry-level at a small marketing firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After only 9 months, he was promoted to the Assistant Manager position of the Northern New Jersey's Sales and Marketing firm within the same organization. This time, after only 6 months, Patrick was given the opportunity to open his very own Sales and Marketing firm in the Cincinnati area.

Being one of the youngest in the organization across the country, Patrick has proven to the business world that not every success comes from the best business schools in America with a long line of internships. He currently owns and operates on the highest-performing Sales and Marketing firms for one of the largest Fortune 500 Energy companies in the U.S. Moving to Cincinnati was the very last place our owner saw himself landing after a trip around the world, but now he has the opportunity to positively affect the individuals in this tri-state area in so many different ways.

Patricks Life Goals: Grow Uprooted Platinum to over 15 different offices by 2021. Trek the Annapurna Circuit, a 75-day Nepalese trek, around Mount Everest by 2025. Open a non-profit orphanage in every continent by 2040. Finally, turn Uprooted Platinum into a three-tier consulting firm, still driving sales with our outsourced marketing firms along with building a real estate empire and travel agency for youths to travel abroad.


HR Director at Uprooted Platinum


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