All of our managers start out by learning the foundation of our company; from sales, and marketing to booking the cheapest and most comfortable airline. Most often it will be an entry level position starting the individual from the ground up, however, for our more experienced candidates this should be exciting since there is no seniority and promotions only come from within. After gaining the skills that they acquire from spending 4-6 weeks with hands-on training, our employees are ready to take on more than just talking with our client and customers and are able to take on more of a leadership role in the office.


The next step for our management trainees is to learn coaching and development. They will be involved in meetings where they learn various coaching styles and will have the chance to develop and mentor sales associates themselves. These positions allow the employees to assist in making decisions on new employment and even be a part of the hiring process through conducting certain interviews. Their opinion matters and we want them to be a part of the growth of our company and our people. Allowing seasoned team members to train and develop newer employees also benefits the management team; it gives them an insight on what kind of mentor, coach or future boss they would be in the future. This may be the most important role in our company and the one some people never move up from. It takes a lot of self discipline and a lot of accountability in order to rise above the rest and get promoted into the managerial position that follows.


After coaching skills have been mastered (usually after about 12-24 months in our company) our management trainees are ready to learn the operational aspects of management. After learning things like corporate P&L’s, the hiring process and client meetings, our management trainees are ready to manage their own team and branch. We aim to continue to open new locations, so the point behind all of this is not just to become an employee but to become a partner to the uprooted family. We are more interested in someone looking to branch out and open a new location for us (and themselves) than someone just coming in for a paycheck every week. We have the products, we have the brand, and we have the income. Now we need to groom the best employee(s) for the management position to work directly with our clients. Someone who can take the reigns and take charge. This position is where a six figure income comes into play and in order to qualify for that, not only does the management team need to see results, but our clients must see them as well.


Our managers run their own show. We are so confident in their abilities after completing the training process, that we allow them to make all of their own decisions as to how they manage their team, clients, and branch. This provides them with the freedom to “be their own boss” as a reward for all the hard work and effort that they have put in. In order for our company to continue to thrive, we need more people looking out for themselves and to be a little bit more selfish. I know this sounds wrong, but we want someone that is going to make it to the top position and run the newest branch. In order to do that, they should want this more for themselves than we want it for them. The management position offers the income of a successful career but, more importantly, offers the freedom and flexibility to our day to day lives. Travel happens at this point whenever the individual wants and decision making is a daily occurrence. We feel the only reason to do this job and to join our company should not be just to “gain experience, or have a good time with cool people.” We want someone who wants it all. Wants to pay off all their debt, vacation whenever, get the car they have always wanted, and raise their children in the best part of town. The management role is the most significant because that person has carries the most impact to others. They set the pace, they set the tone, and they are the thermostat to their office and team everyday. That position goes to only the best of the best and we are excited to find them.


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