Our unique and innovative approach to marketing products and services have enabled us to grow rapidly in a highly competitive industry. We have been working with larger commercial accounts since 2015. We have opened locations in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City and now here in Maryland. Here in Baltimore, our main focus is on larger customers and their business needs. We work with products they need and use on a daily basis such as energy, telecom, travel plans, corporate events, office supplies. We aim to put a face to an everyday product that these business consumers can actually talk to. And since these are products the customer must use, we find the only thing lacking is a great personal relationship.

As the great Michael Scott once said, “Business is about the people, the people are why businesses exists.” R.I.P Dunder Mifflin.

Since the world has become increasingly focused on new technology, the consumer changes daily and new products are being thrown into the market non-stop, we realized it is no longer smart to own the product. Instead we want to sell other companies’ products better and faster than they can. This dives deep into sales, marketing, advertising, management, recruiting, and training. Our entry level position to us is a training period before we decide where that new employees’ talents are best fit for. We are not a traditional sales firm with an aggressive sales approach or some call center making 150 calls a day or walking around door to door. We focus on the customers’ needs while building an incredible relationship with them in person, on their time, on their convenience.

If we can break this down to its simplest form, larger fortune 500/100 clients outsource their products to us. They want us to be the face of their product and honestly, we do not disagree. We can take their product and put a smile, and handshake to the brand. We can make the customer laugh, answer questions and get to know them on a personal level, which no client has the capability of doing from a call center in another part of the world or here in the US. So that is where Uprooted comes into play. We find the best products in the market and we get the customer to be our best friends. After countless years of TV ads, billboards, expensive endorsements with celebrities, these large companies find it is becoming increasingly more expensive to get their product out into the world of the consumers which is why they reach to people like us.

So, we leave certain things to the experts. These clients are responsible for giving us the best product they can come up with in a finished form. On our side we are responsible for taking that product and getting the customer to understand why they should have it. Only issues we see in Corporate America are these companies do not feel like training a new employee, focusing on the entry levels development, and the growth of the average employee into a management position. It has always been about the product and the growth of the financials. We want to make it about the growth of the employee, which most big companies preach yet fall through over and over again. Here at Uprooted we are not the inventors of the products we invent the entrepreneurs who sell those products. Check out our website and follow us on social media.

If one of the next questions pertain to you then give us a call and send in an application to see if you are good fit to our growing company.

Have you been subjected to Corporate Layoffs?

Have you trained your new boss?

Are you stuck in a seniority-based growth model?

Are you being paid the same as the guy who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day outback?

Think about these things. We just want to open the eyes of the traditional job seeker and get them to realize maybe its time to stop working FOR corporate America and start working WITH corporate America. This is our best option for those people. We get the benefits of working with a big company but we do not get the negatives of working through their growth structure and pay structure.

Follow the journey with us. PA>NJ>OH>MO>MD 🌍 traveling to over 20 cities 12 countries and 3 continents last year alone!!


Uprooted Platinum believes the success of a company is in direct correlation with the success of every individual that makes up its workforce.  We value integrity and work ethic, as they are imperative instruments in the evolution of a thriving company.

Our company believes in establishing an atmosphere of winning.  How do we know when we have won?  When we visibly see our people growing professionally and personally, a reciprocating energy is easily identifiable amongst the complete staff.  This intertwining, vivacious aura enables us to grow as a group exponentially.

  • Speed To Market - Aggressive sales and marketing campaign anywhere in the country

  • Face To Face Approach - Our in-person approach to marketing creates the most direct personal link

  • Diversity Of Clients - Consists of leaders in telecom, retail energy, financial and office supplies

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