All of our managers start out by learning the foundation of our company, sales, and marketing. After gaining the skills that they acquire from spending 2-4 weeks with hands-on training with our customers, our management trainees are ready to take on new responsibilities.


The next step for our management trainees is to learn coaching and development. They will be involved in meetings where they learn various coaching styles and will have the chance to develop and mentor sales associates themselves. They will provide classroom style teaching and hands-on field training daily.


After coaching skills have been mastered (usually after about 6 months in our company) our management trainees are ready to learn the operational aspects of management. After learning things like corporate P&L’s, the hiring process and client meetings our management trainees are ready to manage their own team and branch.


Our managers run their own show. We are so confident in their abilities after completing the training process that we allow them to make all of their own decisions as to how they manage their team, clients, and branch. This provides them with the freedom to “be their own boss” as a reward for all the hard work and effort that they have put in.


Uprooted Platinum is a company comprised of motivated, self-directed, independent, hard-working people who love to work together to accomplish team objectives but who pride themselves on individual achievement. We believe that the things in life that are worth having are worth working for. We are passionate about success and about giving back to our community. Like with ANY great thing, we want MORE!

If you are someone who is ready to learn, wants to have fun at work, wants to grow personally and professionally and is willing to work hard for that growth, Uprooted Platinum may be the place for you.

Picked up a few awards in Dallas for running one of the top offices in the country for 2016!