If you’re like most of us at Uprooted Platinum (Baltimore, MD) were when we were entering the job force, you are probably overwhelmed trying to apply to jobs your senior year in college. Any job you want says you need 5 years of experience in your field even though your degree isn’t even 5 years doing that. I’m sure you’re trying to think of how you can make your part-time summer job make you sound more qualified for a corporate job than it actually is. You’re trying to figure out how to make your resume lengthier so it looks like you’ve done and accomplished more before you’re even done with school.

Why are you doing this? We are excited when we meet someone who is in school, about to graduate and looking to start their first career. This is probably the opposite of what everyone has been telling you so let us clarify.

Student Mentality — You have just spent the last 4 years studying and doing everything you can to learn so you can have a successful career. You’re in the exact headspace we want — someone who is willing to study and put in the work to hit big goals. We are very committed to not just professional development but also personal development and if that is how you are used to approaching your life, then you’ll pick things up really fast here.

High Energy and Active — You have some pep in your step and a chip on your shoulder, ready to prove yourself. We’re not your average boring firm that just shows up and checks out. Our clients work with Uprooted Platinum because we bring their customers what others won’t, passion and energy. Our employees light up a room when they walk in and they leave a lasting impression on who they work with. Not to mention, they’re excited to build memories with each other.

Don’t listen to what Corporate America is telling you. Skill sets can be taught but there are some traits that are more innate. Your experience as a bartender or as a camp counselor makes you just as appealing as a candidate as anyone because we’re more excited about your potential and where you’re going, not where you’ve come from.Follow Uprooted Platinum on Instagram to see more about what we’re talking about.