If you know anything about Uprooted Platinum, it’s that we love to travel. Look at any of our websites, any photo albums, the decorations in our office, all of them are influenced by our travel. We believe that traveling strongly influences an individual and through this, can lead to a lot of success personally as well as professionally. The main thing traveling gives you is exposure. If you never leave the state you grew up in or the coast you’re on, you’ll never see a different way of living, different people, different religions, etc. Have you ever enjoyed Baltimore’s famous crabcakes, Philadelphia’s famous cheesesteaks, or Maine’s famous lobster? If you never leave your state you’ll never experience all these amazing foods specific to local cities. And that’s just the east coast for an example. Before we get on a food tangent we’d like to bring this back to business. Uprooted Platinum would like to share with you the ways that traveling the world can lead you to be more successful at work.

Adaptability- You can plan the perfect trip but there is always a chance that things will change. Maybe your flight gets delayed or you had plans for a hike and the weather is bad. You need to be able to be flexible and adaptable. In business, you can have the perfect presentation planned but your computer may die and you need to make a quick change. Through traveling you can learn to be adaptable.

Communication/Teamwork- Every city, state, and country communicate differently. Have you ever been somewhere and you don’t speak the language? You learn to pick up that language or use body language. This experience allows you to work better with different types of coworkers and have a better understanding of them. It also allows you to be more open to new ideas have seen a different way of life in other countries.

Time Management- When you travel you want to see as much as you can because you do not know when you’ll be back there. Learning how to manage your time, plan appropriately and be efficient with your time translates just the same into the workforce.

Leadership- At the end of the day, all of the above-mentioned help shape you into an amazing leader. You make plans, make decisions and execute.

We hope that you step outside of your comfort zone and take the time to travel more often this year! Challenge yourself to go somewhere you’ve never been. Be sure to keep up with Uprooted Platinum’s travels here!